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Subject: Inflated Grades
I´m a producer with CBC looking for students who have something to say about ´inflated grades´. Have you received grades you didn´t deserve in high school or university? Or do you feel there are people in your university classes who must have received inflated grades in high school and that the material your professors are now teaching has to be ´dumbed down´ so they can keep up? Please reply here or better yet, send me an email:
Marnie Luke
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Hi I go to McGill and the grades are totally inflated here! It feels like they are teaching to the dumbest kids in the class. The problem isn´t the international students or the ones from other provinces, it´s the CEGEP graduates from Quebec. The CEGEP educational system has been dumbed down so much it´s possible for someone to get a R score in the low 30s who can barely read and write!

We have a lot of McGill students on the forum below - you should try asking there.

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I am a high school student and I think that grades are totally inflated within high schools. Personally, I believe that high schools shouldn´t be just handing out 90s... 90s used to be extremely hard to acquire and over the years the teachers have just been handing out grades so students won´t complain about them.


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