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Hi i am a gr.12 student applying to universities but having trouble deciding where to go...like most high school students. I am applying in the field of engineering because of my strong interest in it but have come to a problem. I only want to go to a university located in Toronto and the only two are of course UofT and Ryerson. Well its pretty obvious that most people will say that UofT is by far the better choice but i herd that Ryerson is not too shabby..and the problem is that i was leaning towards UofT but i found out that Ryerson recently has added an undergraduate program in biomedical engineering which i really really have a strong interest in...but to do the same thing in UofT i would have to apply to the Engineering Science program and then go to Biomedical which is a hassle for me, because i honestly do not think i am academically suited for EngSci at UofT.. so my question is that what is the best thing to do..? and if i do go to Ryerson is it all that bad as in (credibility) and how is there engineering department, will be able to find a job lol.. any reply will be helpful.
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Ryerson engineerings kind of a running joke around here, i´m sure you could find a job but up against someone from a more reputable school, you wont make it. If you really want to take biomed, ryersons probably your better choice because engineering science is a total nightmare for most kids. So you´re more limited but dont have to suffer through the horrors of engsci

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