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Subject: Financial support for MBA grad
Please guide me which university in canada provide maximum financial support to permanent residents to encourge them to upgrade their education.
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Hmm.. an MBA doesn´t equal a great job.. Keep in mind a lot of people have an MBA today, and many are unemployed with it.. Most have their company fully sponser them to upgrade their education. If this isn´t possible for you, why are you getting one?

People often forget that an MBA was designed for University Graduates of Engineering Degrees to give them management and operations skills to completement their high degree of mathimatcal and physics aptitutes. Today its morphed into something that people think will make you rich..

An MBA without any relevant work experience or a current employer asking for it from you isn´t worth much.. Who will hire you? Who is going to pay top dollar for an MBA with no experience in their company and no former experience in similar roles..

Don´t buy into this expensive hipe!! Especially if your Just out of school.. MBA´s are becoming ridicolously expensive and increasingly useless. Many are unemployed cause they can´t figure out why say GE or Honeywell won´t hire them, They need technical people (engineer´s) who can talk and understand the lingo from Cradle to Grave..

Good Luck, If your still motivated that this is for you, fincanicial aid is available from most Provinces to permanent residents. Scholarships are almost available at all top schools, and you should qualify as most MBA´s already require a extermely high GPA as it is unless your an engineering graduate (They have simpathy for their genius and understanding that their program is far harder then most undergradate degrees)


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