Is it better for Asians to leave Canada?

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Subject: Is it better for Asians to leave Canada?

Straight Issues
Chinese glass ceiling hurts
Straight Issues By Carlito Pablo
Publish Date: February 15, 2007

Chinese Canadian groups hope to see less racism in the workplace in the new year.

Molecular geneticist Edmond Wong occupies a top position in one of Vancouver?s biotechnology companies. Outside his lab, this McGill University? and UBC-trained scientist dons another coat as an advocate for well-educated and highly qualified members of the Chinese community.

Wong, a director of the Association of Chinese Canadian Professionals, told the Georgia Straight that unlike the U.S., Canada has done little to recognize, much less study, the ?glass ceiling? issue. He said it is this barrier that prevents visible minorities from going further up the corporate ladder.

Wong said the matter could be illustrated through the experiences of women in general. He noted that although they comprise 50 percent of the workforce, women represent only 30 percent of middle management, and at the top level only three percent. ?The higher you go, the more of a barrier there is,? he said. ?It?s the same thing with minorities, except the situation is even worse.?

He said that although the presence of some women and minorities in middle management is an encouraging sign, ?if you don?t make that final push, you won?t break that remaining glass barrier.?

Wong said that a lot of people he?s referring to aren?t even new immigrants but are Canadian-born. ?There are no language barriers,? he said. ?There?s nothing which otherwise distinguishes them from any other Canadians. If you sort of colour them with the same colour as anybody else, you?d never know what ethnicity they are or where they?re born. Even people like these [are] being limited in terms of the progress that they?re making.

?That is what is discouraging for second-, third-generation Canadians who feel?that they?re discriminated [against] within their country,? he said. ?They are people like myself. I was born here; I was raised here. This is my one and only country. I?m 100-percent Canadian.?

Professor Lloyd Wong of the University of Calgary?s department of sociology spoke about this issue before an ACCP dinner in Vancouver on February 2. He cited the U.S. Department of Labor?s definition of glass ceiling as ?artificial barriers based on attitudinal and organizational bias that prevent qualified individuals from advancing upward in their organization into management level positions?.

Does a glass ceiling exist for Chinese in Canada? Referring to the results of his study on Chinese-Canadian engineers, Lloyd Wong said the answer is ?yes?.

?Multiple-regression analysis reveals that for Chinese engineers there is much lower return to their education and experience when compared to Caucasians,? he said in his Power?oint presentation. ?This means underrepresentation in management and a glass ceiling.?

Lloyd Wong noted that Chinese-Canadians earned $5,570.43 less than the mean income of all other nationalities or groups, including British, French, Italian, Jewish, ?East Indian?, Filipino, and black.

The same table of income showed that British, French, Italian, and Jewish earnings were between $4,696.30 to $14,832.91 more than the mean income of the whole group. The East Indians, Filipinos, and blacks earned between $3,680.18 and $6,203.64 less than the mean income.

Lloyd Wong also noted that 21.5 percent of Chinese engineers felt that ?they have, or may have, been denied a promotion because of their ethnicity and/or race.?

He added that this corroborates the results of an ethnic-diversity survey by Statistics Canada that stated that 20 percent of visible minorities ?said that they had experienced discrimination or unfair treatment in the past five years?.

In an interview with the Straight, Lloyd Wong said that the glass-ceiling issue affects visible minorities in workplaces.

?In sociology, we call it systemic discrimination,? he said. ?It?s cultural racism.?

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the states have more visible assimilation measures and
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