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Subject: seeking guidance
I have done my MBA from government owned university in Pakistan. I am permanent resident of canada. I intend to upgrade my MBA degree from Canada preferably university/college from Ontario. Please advise me to proceed.
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canada is a discrminatory country.
you will face hardship and will be a very highly qualified
taxi driver.

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I disagree that Canada is discrimatory towards education from other countries. Almost any professional body, medicine, engineering, accounting offers Testing for a minimal fee without any classroom instruction to prove your abilities.. Those who go through the process are awarded the same privlidges as any professional.

Now given you have an MBA, what are you hoping to accomplish? You want one of the Big Banks to hire you? A major Fortune 500 Company in Canada perhaps? All possible!! However, just like in Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Dubai, you name it!! Unless your name and skills speak for yourself, you better damn well start learning to sell yourself. My point is if your just hoping for a job comparable to say a York U, Ivey or Sprott MBA graduate you should know its an Old Boys club up there.

Take a job with potential at a lower level (ie a company with 1000 + employees) and prove your skills as you are there. If you are qualified for internal positions when you are there and you have your MBA skills you won´t need to upgrade them, and if you do almost every company will pay you to go and usually give you time to study for them!!!

Remember, in any company Corporate Culture is hugh, if you don´t mesh with a majority of employee´s, are not positive, devoted or worse seen as a change artist from superiors you are Canned or stuck..

Best of Luck, and if you choose to be a taxi driver, thats a Choice and one makes on their own. I see these people all the time and find them to have degrees and are very unmotivated individuals. Character speaks volumes!! If you want a nice office job with job security its going to happen. Most new career searchers take up to a YEAR to find a new job!!


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