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Subject: please reply to this
My name is Ahmed Attiya, I finished from a Nova Scotian school with an average of 94%, and I´ve been awarded the Governor General medal for academic achievement.I am planning to study medicine, but I have to have a bachelors degree in science first. I have to choose between 3 universities: Dalhousie, Saint Francis Xavier, and McMaster.Which one is better , and please consider fees and costs? where is it easier to find a part time job?

Thank you so much

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heres some advice: stay the hell away from anonymous internet message boards. do the research and make the decision on your own. you´re probably a lot more informed than everyone on this board,
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Nobody took your opinion, you little ignorant, I am asking all the people in this forum for help but not you.. because you are ignorant, stay away from my posts before I fuck your sister on your chest.
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I guite agree with lobi, stay the hell away from his posts. Listen you idiot, this forum is meant to help people, you dumbshit

and nice comment lobi :" I will fuck your sister on your chest" hahahha nice one


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