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York School of Engineering
In response to the needs of engineering in the 21st century, we offer three exciting engineering programs: Computer Engineering, Geomatics Engineering (four-year program, unique in Ontario) and Space Engineering (unique in Canada). York University?s engineering programs were developed to reflect a modern view of engineering and to teach the skills needed in the engineering profession today. [Read more]

York?s approach to engineering:

All programs are accredited to meet the academic requirements necessary for registration as a professional engineer (PEng) in Canada.
Solid technical background in a variety of engineering and science disciplines
Design content fully integrated into all years of the programs
Core design courses foster interdisciplinary collaborations
Emphasis on career skills - communications, project management, and teamwork
Small engineering program allows for individual student attention
Common first year allows you to seamlessly switch engineering streams or into science programs after first year

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please tell me how good can it be if they are only been accredited noW?

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