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Subject: Easily Create Flash Interactive Demonstrations
April, 07, 2007 ?C Wondershare Software, the global award-winning provider of Rapid E-learning Authoring tools, today released the Beta version of DemoCreator, an interactive demonstration creator with versatile features, also a new member of Wondershare Rapid E-learning Suite family. Wondershare DemoCreator provides users with wide range of innovative features for building flash-based, the most accessible yet compatible format in the world, interactive Demos to improve communication and comprehension.

Wondershare DemoCreator is an amazing tool designed to rapidly create stunning flash presentations, simulations, software tutorials and product demonstrations without the need of programming and multimedia skills. With the power of interactive Wondershare DemoCreator, you can visualize your ideas and creativities to share with anyone in the world.

Now, download Beta version of DemoCreator (it is FREE). Take part in DemoCreator??s pre-release survey, you will have the opportunity to win free products and special gifts! Please go to the following link to take the survey:

How Wondershare DemoCreator works?

Create stunning Demos and simulations by capturing on-screen activities effortlessly; impress your audience with intriguing interactive elements, such as callout, shape, narrations, text, pictures and so on; manage those elements with intuitive multiple time-line editor; publish in comprehensive formats, e.g. Flash, LMS, CD, etc. and then share with the world, by the most convenient settings and methods for you.

System Requirements and Availability
OS: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista with Microsoft DirectX 8.0 or the later version.
Memory: 128MB (256 Recommended)
Disk space: 25MB for program installation, 512MB for Flash Movies.
Video card: Windows-compatible display with at least 800dpi x 600dpi resolution.
Sound card (optional): Windows-compatible sound card. Microphone and speakers are recommended for recording narration.
For additional information about Wondershare DemoCreator, please visit:

About Wondershare Software
Since 2005, Wondershare Software has always been advancing its undertaking of developing rapid e-learning authoring tools for enterprise, educational institute and organization. Wondershare´s flagship software packages, including PPT2DVD, PPT2Flash and QuizCreator, enable users without any programming knowledge or technical skills to rapidly build inspiring video and flash demonstration for web publishing, online education, and business presentation. Visit:
to unleash the power of high-impact presentation with Wondershare.

worth to try (in reply to: Easily Create Flash Interactive Demonstrations)
I´ve experenced it last week. it´s worth to try. The capture quality is fine, and it´s easy-to-use. But the output size is large, hope this can be improved in the full version. I´ll keep an eye on it.

How to Play 4:3 PPT on Widescreen without Distortion (in reply to: Easily Create Flash Interactive Demonstrations)
As the 16:9 HDTVs and LCD monitors become more and more popular in our life, how to play the 4:3 PPT presentations in full screen mode on these new babies without distortion is a big problem to many people. It seems impossible to make it on the face, but how about if we try to add something to fill the blank part of the screen. Please follow me, I??ll show you step by step.

Assume we have a 16:9 wide screen, and try to imagine a rectangular of which the width is 16 inches and the height is 9 inches. The rectangular comprises two rectangle regions, one is the gray on the left, and the other is the white on the right. The white part represents the original presentation, while the gray part stands for the blank part of the screen. Be sure, if we play a presentation on a HDTV it will not be displayed like this, but two black (or gray) bars (known as letterbox bar) on the left and right sides of the screen. Here, we just concern the layout. What we should do now is to add something to replace the gray part. Before I experienced PPT to flash conversion tools, I have no idea what is appropriate for the little gray.

Articulate Presentater, Wondershare PPT2Flash Professional, FlashPoint and Pointecast Publisher are powerful tools to convert PPT presentations to flash-based ones. Articulate has said they would announce a new version of Presenter that supports PowerPoint 2007 before April, but until now, it??s not available. Wondershare PPT2Flash Professional and Flash Point have released the new version that support PowerPoint 2007, and they do able to convert .pptx files, but only PPT2Flash Pro can do it well (most SmartArts converted by FlashPoint are in terrible condition). Here, take PPT2Flash Professional for example to show how to use this kind of tools to solve our problem.

Firstly, after installed PPT2Flash Professional (the version I installed is 4.1.0 Beta, it??s available for free), open the presentation in PowerPoint, we can find PPT2Flash on the menu bar, click the cascade menu, choose Player Templates, in Player we could see the player??s frame. In the full style mode, there is a panel at the left (there is another template that display the panel on the right) of our slide. It is exactly what we need. With this panel a 4:3 presentation becomes a 16:9 presentation (maybe not excatly 16:9 proportion, but much better).

Then, let??s have a look at what we have on this panel, Company logo; Author Info, which includes E-mail, Bio, Name, Photo; Toolbar, including Flash Title, Attachments, Notes; Control Bar. Users can manually set which items will be displayed. After personalized the player template, publish the presentation, we get a flash presentation with 16:9 aspect ratio.

Now we can play the presentation on 16:9 wide screens by setting its aspect-ratio control to Stretch or Full.

Resource box:
Wondershare PPT2Flash Pro, http://www.sameshow.com/powerpoint-to-flash-pro.php?sid=6
FlashPoint: http://www.flashdemo.net
Articulate Presentater: http://www.articulate.com/product/presenter.php?sid=6
PointCast: http://www.pointecast.com/products/index.html


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