York University - Low admission averages

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Subject: York University - Low admission averages
The academic average (cut-off) required for admission varies. For Fall 2006, Faculty cut-offs were in the following ranges:

Arts - most programs, mid 70s
Criminology - low 80s
Atkinson - most programs, high 70s
Administrative Studies - mid 80s
Environmental Studies - mid 70s
Fine Arts - mid 70s to mid 80s
Glendon - mid 70s
Schulich - low 90s
Science - most programs, mid to high 70s
Engineering - high 70s


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Yes man York is the shitties university I´ve heard of . All they care about is collecting money, no matter what grade you get, they still consider you because of your money.....

All our dumb students allply to York.York basically accept anybody to collect money, so that they can make the university bigger and eventually improve it, that´s their policy, however it is still called " friendy york"


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