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Subject: score of TOEFL
did i get a seat 2 join in canada universities by writing only TOEFL exam??????????

what will be the minimum scor???????????

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wow! width yur inglish abbilitees id saa yu hav a gud shot at cdi!
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The TOEFL score you need depends on the school. Look at each school´s website under their admission requirements for international applicants.
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Dear Friend,
In order to be considered for addmission in a Canadian University you have to submit your transcripts( translated to English) and a TOEFL score..The average TOEFL score that is required by most of the Universities in Canada is 85-92 that´s for the IBT test. To be honest, I´ve studied in a Canadian school for 2 year and I barely met the requirements.However, you can submit a document stamped by your school which says that you have attended an English meduim for more than 3 year and you will not need to do the TOEFL.Sorry for being too wordy

I hope this helps

Ahmed Attiya

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