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Subject: Canada Oh Canada
It just goes to show how pathetic you Canadians really are talking (or should I say arguing)over how good your universities are, I know it is a depressing country particularly the Eastern States but get over it.
I am also certain the majority of people who go on about how great Canada is have never actually been outside of North America, Australia has everything, the beaches, rainforests, desert, mountains and incredible weather but more than anything a culture that is laid back, not worried about technical colleges and York University.
Grow up Canucks.

True Blue
(in reply to: Canada Oh Canada)
this forum isnt a very good sample of canadians in general... jack ass
(in reply to: Canada Oh Canada)
Maybe a dingo ate your baby?
(in reply to: Canada Oh Canada)
Yes, some Canadians are childish for arguing over how their university is the best...
but it takes a real dumb ass to base Canada´s intelligence by the few idiots on a website, and arguing how much better Australia is.... how childish.

come on (in reply to: Canada Oh Canada)
come on guys cant aussies and canadians get along and focus on whats importing. trashing americans

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