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Subject: Once... and for ALL!
McGill GPA gets a handicap when applying to graduate school. Say your GPA is 1.5, they (etc. Harvard) will boost your gpa score by at least 2 points, that results in a 3.5.

While Harvard student themselves will not get advantage, because Harvard uses their own standard and thus the GPA they get is the Harvard standard GPA. So a 3.4 will fucking lose compared to a 1.5 from McGill.

That´s how Harvard gets the name "McGill of the USA".

Trust me on this. :)

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Yes, this is known as the "McGill Advantage". It applies to all McGill graduates.

You only need to work hard and score high marks in high school. No need to score high GPA studying at McGill. So, party on!!

The McGill´s reputation will mean its students would get an automatic +0.7 to 1.1 points adjustment to their GPA when applying to prestigious grad schools. Maybe more. Even Harvard would choose McGill grads over their own because of the "McGill Advantage". For this reason alone, students from other lesser schools (including Harvard) simply can´t compete with McGill for admission to the most prestigious graduate schools.

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lol..mcgill of the usa...lmao.
my girlfriend is from the usa and she had never heard of mcgill til I mentioned it to her. in canada, mcgill=mcmediocre

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what about u of t and ubc, queens?
has she heard of them?


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