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Subject: Waterloo or McMaster
Which one should I choose? I know they both have excellent reputation, but which one is better? by the way I am interested in pursuing an engineering degree. Please answer my question seriously.
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McMaster engineering is shit, so I dunno WTF are you talking about.

you must be an idiot.

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If McMaster engineering is shit, then what is McMaster good at? Isn´t McMaster one of the top schools in Canada?
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you´re an idiot
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Y to choose those two? Your GPA is not enough for top-notch universities like Seneca, McGill, UofT, etc.???
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Seneca is a community college. Not as the same level as U of T or other Universities. McMaster is known for Medicine.
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Okay, first of all, Seneca is a piece of shit community College where the dumb people gather and talk about getting rejected by all Universities and had to settle for Seneca.

Second, if you plan to go into Engineering, I would choose U of T. But, since it´s between these two, I would choose Waterloo anyday. McMaster is also an excellent University, but it is a University more focused on Health Sciences. Waterloo is a top Engineering University. U of T and Waterloo are the two Universities in Canada known for Engineering, so look into these two schools.


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