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Does it mean China is better than Canada in education?

I am from China and also planning to study in Canada.

No trolls.

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Oh Please! Do you how irrelevant those THES and Jiaotong rankings are? Doesn´t THES and Jiaotong rank Beida above all Canadian universities?

Imagine you were applying for a job as a Chinaman with your newly minted Beida (Peking U) MBA on Wall St. How many of those big American investment banks would even know what Beida is? How many Canadian companies would hire you ?

Few to none.

Even a degree from Newfoundland´s Memorial university is more marketable (in Canada and Asia) than any Chinese degree. This situation won´t change for long time.

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Well, this is the geographical problem.

If you bring your Canadian degree to anywhere else except the States, you´re going to be discriminated.

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^ Tell me one country in Asia that would not recognize a university degree from Canada?

The UK and Australia would easily recognize a Canadian degree as being equal to theirs.


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