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Subject: University or College
Which is the better choice for business. This is an honest question, no bullshit please. I´m starting post secondary next year and don´t no which direction to choose.

Universities I´m interested in:

University of Toronto
McGill University
Queen´s University

Colleges I´m interested in:

Seneca College
George Brown College
CDI College

Please no bullshit.

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Honestly, it all depends! In your case, I think that both are good choices since you apply to top universities an top colleges. I mean it makes no difference if you go to McGill or Seneca. The former is a top uni; the latter is a top college. But Seneca does have an advantage over McGill, Toronto and Queens in that you will be able to graduate more quickly, which means, in turn, that you will be able to start life earlier than McGill, UofT and Queens graduates. By the time they come to your level in your business, I think that you can even be their boss.

So, in summary, a top-notch college like Seneca is always better than a top-notch university - if, of course, they are both top-notch...

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^hahaha what a fucking retard, sorry to say this on christmas but you must be one from what you´ve said. seneca is the suckiest and there is not such thing as a good college, cdi is crap, and george brown is crap too. and yes you will start your life earlier than that of university graduates but you will be making a lot less. 2 years of education pulling easy marks. seneca does not come close to uoft or mcgill and queen´s or any university. the top college, seneca? no! trust me kid, if you apply here you will get nothing out of life, the only thing you will get is a crappy education. ahahah the the above poster...have you lost touch with reality? fucking loser.
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Unless you can get into a top notch U such as UofT or McGill, go to a college.

In college, at least you´ll learn stuff that´ll be benefitial to employer.


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