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Subject: Canadian Universities - The Lowdown
Choose UTSG if you want to be a nutlicker. Choose Concordia if you want your nuts licked by Concordia and McGill chicks.

The pathetic McGill fanboys are to busy jacking off to their magazine rankings or poking each other with broomsticks.

But seriously.... here´s the lowdown...

Choose McGill if you want to attend a school with a "big brand." McGill is to Canadian universities as GM is to cars, meaning both are: old names, international, and well-known, but both are known not to be leaders at anything anymore.

UTSG is the richest university in Canada. They have the greatest wealth to pay the highest salaries (to professors/researchers) and offer the most scholarships to any "A" student willing to move to the "concrete jungle" of Canada - Toronto. Although UofT is the largest school in Canada, it certainly doesn´t have a monopoly on all the best students and teachers, probably because not everyone wants to live in the "rat-race" city of Toronto.

Choose Lakehead or UTSC if your a Asian reject and a UTSG wannabee.

Choose UTM if your a white reject and a UTSG wannabee.

Go to Ryerson if you really want to learn some practical (and useful) skills before you leave school.

York guys and girls are happy banging each other. UofT girls go to heaven, but York girls go everywhere!
Don´t go to York unless you made it into their business or law program. Fine Arts is good at York but it´s better to major in this field in Europe or America where their culture and creativity is more refined.

The mainly FOB crowd at UBC and SFU are too busy spending their rich dad´s money, while the white students are too busy getting high.

The Queens and Western people are too good for this forum because they have something the above schools don´t have much of - student/campus life and school spirit. These two are not commuter schools, and there is no big city distractions.

Go to UVic if you hate Canadian winters and you also want to escape the mainland. UVic is UBC Lite.

McMaster is a good science school, too bad it´s in shitty Hamilton. Being too close to Toronto makes the campus a "ghost town" on the weekends.

Guelph is for people who like farm animals. It attracts a lot of research money because Agriculture Canada is located there. If you like hanging out with hicks in

Apply to Waterloo if you think you can start the next great high-tech company or just love hanging out with other nerds.

Attend UOttawa if you like to spot "big-shot" politicians walking by or maybe you like the sound of living in the least known G8 capital in the world.

Go to Carleton if you love the stigma of studying at the "Last Chance U."

Go to UofA or UCalgary if you want a good paying job in Alberta.

Head to the schools in Atlantic Canada if your a white reject with rich parents or if your dad is a fisherman. If your a foreign student that has been rejected by all the big schools in BC,AB,ON, and QC, then the Atlantic schools will be glad to take you in.

Go to Manitoba or Sask. if you love meeting a nice country girl to roll around the hay with while you obtaining your degree from unknown schools located in these two prairie provinces.

I´ll leave Concordia for others to judge or diss. LOL

Molson XXX

by: Molson XXX
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OK. This post put you just after the McGill kid in terms of creativity.

If you remember, I had posted creativity rankings based on posts on this forum and McGill had ranked first and all others after a biiiig gap. I dunnno where Concordia was, but it was not too high. Now, Concordia ranks almost 1st in that list. The new creativity ranking:

1. McGill ----- 9.1/10
2. Concordia -- 9/10

-------BIIIIIIIIG GAP--------------

Others starting with 8. (which is Queens)

-------------BIIIIIIIIIIIIG GAP------- starting with 6 (which is York)

-------------BIIIIIIIIIG GAP--------- starting with 3 (others

WEIRD PEOPLE ON THIS BOARD NEED TO BE SHOT (in reply to: Canadian Universities - The Lowdown)
Creativity ranking?

You sure do like rankings? What else do you rank in your life?

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Let´s do a ranking of all the loser in this forum.

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