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other than FT, where is Mcgill business ranked?

I want to see this.

I would also like to tell you that the reason why the building construction did not start earlier is because they could not get funding from the Government. It had nothing to do with your so called "poor management".

BTW, Desautels racked up a 3.5 Million dollar deficit last year and HEC did the same. So please, do not lecture me on fiscal prudence. You´re just a Bullshitter.

BTW desautels was suppose to give 30Million but turns out he just gave 22M when he realised how dumb you guys were.


Your CA program is also a big joke. This year, you only had some 20 students getting their CA while Concordia had like 95. Were an accounting powerhouse.

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"Marcel Desautels donates $22 million to the Faculty. The gift is the largest single donation ever made to a business or management faculty in Canada"

where did you get that he was donating $30 mill? and if so, where are you getting that he reduced it and for what reason? hahahaha it seems like the one that is full of shit is you.

Which other rankings?

Business schools:

- The FT which is the golden standard for B-schools, 44th worldwide
- Business Week as a non-us b-school 2nd tier (top 15) which includes in its category UBC, Cambridge, HEC Paris, Bocconi (1st tier been top 10), where is Concordia? not even in the "also considered" category (tier 3). The Business Week ranking only names 23 non-US b-schools.

As a school,

- MacLeans - #1 in Canada in the last two years
- THES, ranks 24th in the world.

Again where is Concordia in these two? Both of these rankings are widely followed and they are considered golden standards.

And by the way, don´t be naive, you think name is not important? try to get a job in the US or anywhere else in the world, if an employer has a choice between a McGill or Concordia grad, McGill every time without a doubt.

You spend all your time and effort trying to convince everyone that you belong in the same league, yet over and over again we show that you don´t exist for people outside of Montreal! You´re not mentioned anywhere!

And regarding accounting and the CA... ok so we´re not as interested in accounting. Big fucking deal!... don´t get the point, it´s not like we tried to graduate 95 and we only got 20! It means that our grads prefer consulting, I-banking, strategy, entrepreneurship etc.

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Desautels looked to put money in Montreal and gave it to McGill not Concordia, so he realized what again? that his money was best invested in programs that have a future, name, recognition, quality etc etc

Which other B-school got a similar gift? Rotman $21 mill a couple of years back. You see his logic? probably you don´t bacause you´re just a dim-witted idiot! tipical of Concordia! lol

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To the Concordia shithead:

and where is Concordia ranked? I want to see that! hahahaha

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The only thing that is funny about all this is you fools.

Youre all dumb in my book. Dumb biz students.

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Molson gave 20 Million to Concordia.

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Good for Concordia! Molson felt sorry after his donation in 2000 yielded nothing. The gift was to contruct a building which you don´t have for your b-school and you still haven´t built it. Yes, after 6 years he gave 10 more.. maybe this time you´ll keep your promise for sept 2009! I hope you do so, that way you´ll stop having team meetings at Tim Hortons! hahahaha

I´m still waiting to see the rankings.... stop talking and SHOW EVERYONE THE RANKINGS!! where is Concordia?

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The B-school rankings posted compare MBAs, not undergrad. Which are we talking about here?

Besides, all you niggas is fuctup if you dink you beat Schulich.

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wow that Mcgill kid is really too intense.

Breath buddy... breath... go masturbate to your FT magazine. lol.

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i?d participate in the discussion, but i refuse to debate with McGill rejects. they?re like, beneath me... and not worth my time.

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What´s wrong with masturbating to Fashion Times? They have all those racy ads in the back.

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