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Subject: True UOIT Facts
1. They make you pay for a laptop which you can?t keep; you could easily buy a more superior laptop for less, and you would get to keep it!

2. When applying, and you recieved admission (who wouldn?t), you have to pay $100 for them to send you course registration packages (what other universities do this?... none!)

3. They reward you for just showing up to class (bonus marks), marking is extremely easy, the stupidest kids are pulling 4.0 averages. Makes you think, is the purpose of UOIT just to make money? They don?t challenge you, sure the marks are great to begin with, but it makes you feel like you attend a shitty university. And their final exams are worth like that of high school exams... less than 30%... WTF!!! One question UOIT, WTF is wrong with you?!

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Wrong. 4th year students pay $1 to buy the laptop during their last year.


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