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Subject: Queen's Number One!
Student Retention: 10%
Proportion who graduate: 15%
Classes taught by Tenured faculty 15%
Student awards: 15%
Faculty with PhD: 15%
Scholarships & Bursaries: 15%
Library Acquisitions: 15%

1 Queen?s
2 Western
3 Toronto
4 McGill
5 Ottawa
6 McMaster
7 Sherbrooke
8 Laval
9 Waterloo
10 Guelph
11 Montr?al
12 UBC
13 Alberta
14 Dalhousie
15 Lakehead
16 Saint Mary?s
17 Victoria
18 Simon Fraser
19 Windsor
20 Trent
21 York
22 Calgary
23 Saskatchewan
24 St. Francis Xavier
25 Acadia
27 Wilfrid Laurier
28 Manitoba
29 Laurentian
30 Carleton
31 Mount Allison
32 Brock
33 New Brunswick
34 Memorial
36 Ryerson
37 Mount Saint Vincent
38 St. Thomas
39 Regina
40 Lethbridge
41 Bishop?s
42 Nipissing
43 Cape Breton
44 Concordia
45 Moncton
46 Winnipeg
47 Brandon

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Did McGill pay Macleans to use the criteria that makes them number one? This is the closest McGill has come to the top in the lists posted on this forum.
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Here is something interesting.


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^^ such a bitter kid, the gold standard hasn´t been kind to your third-tier school huh?

this is interesting:

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Queens is only well known in canada. It is nameless elsewhere.
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thank you for ranking lakehead so high
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^Not my fault, it just happened.
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For the last two years McGill has ranked #1 in the rankings. Where did you get that list?

Quick facts:

- Highest average entering grades in Canada
- Highest average research funding per full-time professor in Canada
- 174,000 alumni worldwide, including three astronauts, four Nobel Prize recipients, eight Oscar winners, two Prime Ministers
- More Rhodes Scholars than any other school in Canada

Beat that bitch! And there is a long list of more accomplishments unmatched by any institution in Canada


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