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Subject: Queen's is Superior to UofT
Queen´s University at Kingston compared with University of Toronto

1st Mark is Queen´s University??s Grade (Sort: A+ to D)

2nd Mark is University of Toronto´s Grade (Sort: A+ to D)

Academic support/counselling B C+
Access to course/teaching materials online A B+
Assistance with locating part-time jobs C C-

Attractiveness of campus A+ B

Availability of faculty outside classroom hours A B-

Availability of on-campus recruitment by employers B- C

Availability of quiet study space A- B

Availability of up-to-date computer equipment A- B+

Availability of up-to-date technology in classrooms B+ B-

Campus bookstore A- B-

Career counselling/placement services B- C+

Class sizes B C

Classrooms/lecture halls A- B-

Co-op/internship opportunities C- C-

Computer accessibility on campus A B+

Convenience of class scheduling B- C+

Degree to which university experience will prepare you for employment A- B-

Diversity of extra-curricular activities A+ B

Ease of course registration process C+ C+

Faculty members´ knowledge of subjects A+ A

Food Services C- D

Health Services A- B-

Helpfulness of administrative staff A- B-

Labs/research equipment A- B

Level of interaction between faculty and students B+ C

Library Services A B+

Library hours of operation A- B+

Number of courses to choose from B B

On-campus employment opportunities B- C-

On-campus network for Internet/email A B+

On-campus pubs/bars A- C-

Online library resources A A-

Opportunities to acquire work-related knowledge/skills B C+

Overall Library A+ A-

Overall Quality of Education A B+

Overall academic reputation of your university A+ A

Overall availability of financial assistance C C-

Overall course variety/availability B+ B

Overall on-campus buildings/facilities A- B

Overall quality of career preparation B+ C+

Overall quality of student services A- B-

Overall quality/availability of technology on campus A- B+

Overall university atmosphere A B-

Quality of academic advising B C+

Quality of teaching A- B

Reputation for conducting leading-edge research A A

Reputation for graduate studies A+ A

Reputation for undergraduate studies A+ A-

Reputation in your specific area of study A- A-

Reputation of university among employers A+ A

Satisfaction with University Experience A B

School spirit A+ C

Sense of community on-campus A C

Space in courses necessary to complete your degree B+ C+

Student residences B- B-

Tolerance for diverse opinions/ideas A- B+

Total number of library holdings A- B+

Usefulness of faculty feedback B+ C+

Globe & Mail Survey
(in reply to: Queen's is Superior to UofT)
You realize that this survey is obviously wrong don´t you?

Forget overall quality of education, etc. Concentrate on areas where you know for a fact UofT is superior like: library, campus groups, attractiveness of campus, reputation, etc...

This survey is only good for showing that UofT students don´t realize what they have. Like Naylor said, it appears to be a communications problem.

Read this:


(in reply to: Queen's is Superior to UofT)
P.S. - Stop trolling. You can try and argue McGill is better, but Queen´s is laughable.
(in reply to: Queen's is Superior to UofT)
Queen´s may be very popular with its own students according to the Globe and Mail survey. That still does not change the fact it is the Paris Hilton of Canadian universities. What has Queen´s accomplished lately?
(in reply to: Queen's is Superior to UofT)
producing a nice troll
(in reply to: Queen's is Superior to UofT)
what has Queen´s accomplished, a second place finish in Maclean´s, the most widely read university ranking in the country. sorry, but Queen´s is a top two school while UofT is not only a no name, but a washed up, has-been no-name.
(in reply to: Queen's is Superior to UofT)
It´s a second place finish based on over half of the universities boycotting the survey. How ironic Queen´s can only win by default. Way to go!
(in reply to: Queen's is Superior to UofT)
lol.. that survey you talk about named UofT 1st the past 12 years in a row and then UofT boycotts them and end up in 3rd place. You may not realize it, but by UofT boycotting Macleans when they are ranked first place sends a stronger message than let´s say McMaster who is normally in 11th place.

You know what I don´t understand? How Queen´s can place ahead of UofT when Macleans used old information for the Universities that boycotted the ranking. If UofT placed 1st last year and they are using the same info for both UofT and Queen´s, how is Queen´s ahead of UofT?

Anyways, it´s pretty obvious what happened with Macleans. Go look at a few other rankings and notice how UofT is top 25 in the world and Queen´s in not even top 100.

(in reply to: Queen's is Superior to UofT)
* that ranking
(in reply to: Queen's is Superior to UofT)
Queen´s wins by default because half of universities boycotted? Funny, Queen´s actually happened to also be one of the universities that boycotted, yet it jumped to 2nd place.

Sure, having UofT boycott Maclean´s is a strong message, but so is Queen´s, UBC, UofA, etc. boycotting the ranking. You like to make it seem as if UofT was the only university that went against Macleans and are suffering the consequences. that´s far far from reality. Many top ranked universities boycotted and many of them didn´t change in ranking and some even went up.

the ranking used SOME old data. the old data that was selected was the type that didn´t fluctuate much from year to year anyway. the rest of the data that was used was public.

face it, Queen´s > UofT.

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If every school pull out next year, maybe Queen´s will be No.1 lol...
(in reply to: Queen's is Superior to UofT)
Queen´s and UofA didn´t pull out until like 4 months after everyone did, and they weren´t even vocal about it and I didn´t even know they pull out until you kindly reminded me.

UofT was the most active and vocal about the boycott. Plus it´s easier to hit on the giants than make fun of crappy schools. Maclean´s could´ve drop Queen´s 2 places but nobody would buy the magazines. Plus who gives a fuking crap about Queen´s or Nipissing anyways.

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Since when did Queen´s students get the confidence to say they´re better than UofT?? One shady Macleans ranking?? Is that all it takes?

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