UofT fears of York's RISING!

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Subject: UofT fears of York's RISING!
UofT kids are very insecure. That´s why they wear tees printed with "I hate York", "Friends don´t let friends go to York".

Can you see they wear "I hate Ryerson"?? "Friends don´t let friends go to Ryerson"??

NO. And Ryerson is just a few blocks away from UofT.

Haha, York is better than UofT in many disciplines st the undergrad level. We have a beautiful campus and a lot of world-class sport facilities too.

DO BE JEALOUS and enjoy the reputation of your school (which is nothing like Waterloo). Remember, you will just end up with an undergrad degree at UofT while York students can continue their studies at York, UofT or others´ grad/professional schools. Haha.

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Yes, York is better than UofT. Indeed, in terms of worldwide reputation, York has more reputation than UofT. There are two reasons for this: 1. York´s Schullich, 2. York´s law school. Because of this, York was able to make its fame. UofT, on the other hand, stays as an Ontario university. Oh yeah, here in Quebec also, York is known better. In conclusion York > UofT
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Here in Ontario, McGill is known as a small has-been, with mediocre professional schools, and students recruited from the U.$. because Quebec´s shrinking anglophones would rather go to Concordia.

York > McGill


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