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Subject: Doing MBA
I Am a diploma holder in Chemical Engineering having 7.5yrs of experience and want to do my MBA in part\full time...Pliz can anyone guide me as to how to get that...


Ramnath V. Kalkur

Ramnath V Kalkur
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If your average is low, go to York. It will work for u. If it is high, and if u can, go to McGill. Or if McGill is too high for you, then try UofT. If that is also impossible, go to Concordia.
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The first reply is from a troll but he did (probably unwittingly) mention some of the best MBA schools. You should contact each school individually and ask them what their admission requirements are. There are a lot of good MBA programs in Ontario. In Quebec you are limited to McGill and Concordia (unless you speak French). Concordia has a better MBA program but McGill´s has a better name.
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McGill is my backup.
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Admission cut-off for MBA at York:

GPA: 2.8
GMAT: 535
Work experience: 0-1 year
TOEFL: 500 (requires for ESL applicants only)


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