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Subject: *NEW* THES 2006 WORLD RANKINGS*****
TOP 50

1. Harvard University (US)
2. University of Cambridge (UK)
3. University of Oxford (UK)
4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US)
4. Yale University (US)
6. Stanford University (US)
7. California Institute of Technology (US)
8. University of California, Berkeley (US)
9. Imperial College, London (UK)
10. Princeton University (US)
11. University of Chicago (US)
12. Columbia University (US)
13. Duke University (US)
14. Beijing University (China)
15. Cornell University (US)
16. Australian National University (Australia)
17. LSE (UK)
18. Ecole Normale Superieure (France)
19. National University of Singapore (Singapore)
19. University of Tokyo (Japan)
21 McGill University (Canada)
22. University of Melbourne (Australia)
23. Johns Hopkins University (US)
24. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Switzerland)
25. University College London (UK)
26. University of Pennsylvania (US)
27. University of Toronto (Canada)
28. Tsing Hua University (China)
29. Kyoto University (Japan)
29. University of Michigan (US)
31. University of California, LA (US)
32. University of Texas at Austin (US)
33. University of Edinburgh (UK)
33. University of Hong Kong (HK)
35. Carnegie Mellon University (US)
35. University of Sydney (Australia)
37. Ecole Polytechnique (France)
38. Monash University (Australia)
39. University of Geneva (Switzerland)
40. University of Manchester (UK)
41. University of New South Wales (Australia)
42. Northwesterrn University (US)
43. New York University (US)
44. University of California, San Diego (US)
45. University of Queensland (Australia)
46. University of Auckland (New Zealand)
46. King?s College, London (UK)
48. University of Rochester (US)
48. Washington Univ in St. Louis (US)
50. Univ of British Columbia (Canada)
50. Chinese University of Hong Kong


(in reply to: *NEW* THES 2006 WORLD RANKINGS*****)
Yay, we got bettah! we got bettah!! McGill gut bettah!! :)

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