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Subject: need answer please
Hello friends,
I need to be a doctor, I have to finish Bachelor of science program before I could get to medicine, what university would you suggest me to go to ( universities good at undergraduate first or directly to a university which is good at medicine??

please what are the deadlines for applications to Canadian universities ( for fall 2007)


byw guys

Ahmed Attiya
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up yours

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Go to McGill or UBC... Or Wilfrid Laurier. That last one is much less challanging but easier to get in to, and prolly cheaper... McGill is by far the best in medicine, but should be expensive for you, as I understand from your message. Let me know if u have any other questions.
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Dear Vex,
Thank you so much for your reply vex,

McGill , TORONTO, and UBC are so expensive for me, since that I am an international student, they need $ 30 000 in UBC, $ 32 000 in McGill, while other universities only take $ 20000 per year...

more options please vex, do you recommend me to go to universities which are good at medicine directly?

AHmed Attiya
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Vex what do you think about Dalhousie, McMaster, Queens , Ottawa, Western ontario?
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All the above are good. If your looking for a student population that is more mult-cultural then go to Ottawa or McMaster. Alberta and Calgary are good too.

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