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Subject: UofT - Canada's Pre-eminent Graduate School

The University of Toronto is the place where the best in scholarship and research meets Canada??s gateway to the world.

Nowhere but at U of T will students find such a concentration of topnotch scholars working in a diverse, dynamic city that is Canada??s economic hub. Whether you??re interested in creating knowledge or building a career, Toronto is the perfect launching pad.

With its unparalleled resources and intimate departments, U of T offers graduate students the opportunity to become leaders in their fields, whether their interests lie in research, teaching or a combination. The School of Graduate Studies promotes the intellectual risk-taking that produces cutting-edge scholarship. We seek to develop your passion for inquiry and to offer innovative learning experiences and excellent teaching that will provide you with the tools to tackle the intellectual challenges you face with excitement and creativity. Working with faculty who are renowned in their fields, you will be part of a forum for informed dialogue and debate, a crucible of knowledge creation.

Toronto is a perfect backdrop for creating knowledge and seeking solutions to the world??s problems. Our multicultural metropolis is home to hundreds of nationalities, speaking myriad languages, each contributing a bit of the flavour of their homelands to the mix.

The City
The Library System
Graduate students at the University of Toronto have access to one of the top research facilities in North America

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Still no famous Asian UofT graduates. What has UofT done for Asians in Canada?

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ok, enough with uoft is the best already, who cares!!! everyone knows it is a good school, fuk.
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Asian is taking over Canada. Don´t be jealous, white ass boyo.

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