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Subject: International students
I am a victimed international student due to academic dismis
sal from a Canadian University. I would like to state two problems with additional point of monitoring students.

One of the main problem is Canadian University don´t take responsibility for students who are officially registered but unable to proof a pass grade in their course. Canada has no legal rule for students who fail in their course and don´t know the next step as they may be weak financially or end up mixing things. Some students may end up as a refugee when their study is not working. I changed my status from an international student to refugee. No legislation prohibited me from applying as a refugee. Nobody said you are not eligible to apply. I myself resigned from refugee application as my main aim was to check the immigration strength and its transparency. I found that the country has no rule when people change their status from student to refugee. In most countries in the world, it is not allowed to change status. Here they rather monitor you by satellite means as if you are a terrorist. I myself was very wise in trying to see whether change of status is possible or not. I proved that it is possible. This is really dangerous for the country as changing status from student to refugee will result in providing a false information to immigration as a way to remain in the country. I was not officially told about the result of my status change. I wanted to resign earlier before that as my main aim was to check the Canadian immigration system. All in all, I would like to say the Universities should assist the immigration by controlling the whereabout of international students after academic failure.

The second thing is Universities should not invite students who are not able to show financial proof for the whole study programme. Students who can only show partial tution fee shouldn´t be let enter to Canada. When their financial capacity gets lower, their fate will be to seek other means of remaining in Canada. This will be a problem for both the student and the country. The student will suffer a lot at the end. Therefore, it is really important that Universities should control both the entrance and final departure of international students. Otherwise, there is noone to take responsiblity for students of such kind. They may end up in a number of problems that can be a problem to themselves or to Canada.

For both kind of students, Canada should have some means of rule to monitor the students and be able to send them back with or without their permission. Otherwise, this make Canada unreliable country for international students. If international students don´t know their fate after failure, who will be asked?. It is really very disgusting if the country considers international students as a terrorist. It will be a wastage of time and money for Canada to monitor unwanted people. Some international students may not be wanted by their country in any kind of criminality. If Canada spends time with such a person, it is really wastage. There are many priority areas for Canada in looking for terrorists. Why this country monitor unwanted person by their home country or by anybody?. Even when Canada want to trace the background of such guys we know that how much money is wasted for nothing. Who can be in the side of the country?. How many genuine people we have to tell the country the reality about a student?. As to me only Universities can trace the background of students by communicating with their former University. Interviewing people of no relation with the student will result in complication and wastage of money. This indeed will divert the security direction of the country.

For example, I was monitored for like one year for nothing. This happened to me immediately up on my joing to Calgary University. I don´t know the reason. I was telling people that I am an international student with no record of criminality at all. Nobody can stop me from monitoring when I speak alone. I was protesting alone. I think the country is lacking a firm way of controlling students. Besides, there is no transparency. I was very open to my friends that I was monitored for nothing since September 2005. Anyway, I am calling for concerned bodies so that they can have a look in such things and take action so that the safety of international students will be ok. The country will also be careful in knowing who is who. Everything is very costy for the country. If you simply monitor international students without having baseline information, it is less feasible and important. So the immigration and the university should work closely for the safety of both the country and the international student.

Thank you for reading

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LOL this kid again!

GO AWAY! your post gives me a headache!

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UofT will never have these problems!!


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The original poster posted this months ago. I recommended he go to the faculty and say he made an honest mistake; they would probably clear his record and let him re-enrol but he´s given up and would rather make a stink.

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