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Subject: University of it good?
I have done 2yr computer programmer diploma from Georgian college, Barrie, Ontario. I have a choice of transfering my credits to the university of lethbridge or laurentian. I don´t want to go to laurentian, so please tell me hows the university of lethbridge. I know its a small place, but don´t know much bout the reputaion of the university.

Kris Antal

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Never heard of it. Oddly enough, I´ve heard of Georgian College, though.
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lethbridge and laurentian are not that prestigious to begin with...but between the two..i would rather go to lethbridge....and to answer your question..."is it good?"....ummm i would have to say no...i know that you may be restricted to these two unis..but here are a list of amazing unis in personal top 10. in no order

simon fraser

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Lethbridge becuase it´s Alberta´s 3rd choice university while Laurentian is like the last choice for Ontarians.

As for the top 10 list, I don´t consider SFU "isolated and dull campus" that great. I would replace it with Ottawa or Calgary.

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put UVic on that list too, it is on par with SFU these day!
SFU was a lot better than UVic ten years ago, but not anymore. It has caught up.

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SFU>>>>>>Ottawa, Ottawa does not belong on that list, It is only a so so university.
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only laurentian and lethbridge are giving 100% credits transfer towards the bachelors degree, and I just need to put 2 more yrs in these. Other univs are ready to accept, but they are asking for putting in atleast 3 more yrs to complete my degree.

1 more year means more money to be spent on education, and ultimately the difference in pay scales of these univs is not too much. so I plan to put in lethbridge for 2yrs, work some where in good organization, after 4-5 yrs of work experience will do masters in software engg from some good univ..............

what u guys say now?

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Personally, I´d do the extra year in order to graduate from a better Uni, but that´s me.

I understand what your saying though, and it sounds like a fine plan.

Good luck.

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is money is an object and you are looking to get out early go for the 2yrs.

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