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Subject: Lakehead makes fun of Yale
Students told `Yale Shmale´
Lakehead unveils edgy PR campaign
Takes aim at Bush´s Ivy League roots
Aug. 26, 2006. 09:30 AM

Consider it a weapon of mass attraction.

Lakehead University is poking fun at U.S. President George W. Bush and his Ivy League alma mater in an edgy new guerrilla marketing campaign intended to lure students to its Thunder Bay campus.

Dubbed "Yale Shmale," the $100,000 promotion features an image of Bush ? Yale University, Class of 1968 ? on posters that will be plastered on construction sites and other outdoor locations across the Greater Toronto Area.

"Graduating from an Ivy League university doesn´t necessarily mean you´re smart," reads the second of two posters set for release, "Choosing Lakehead does."

The posters will be supplemented by university ambassadors cruising by teen hangouts in Smart Cars sporting the campaign logo to encourage students to check out

That website, which links to the one for Lakehead, makes a more detailed pitch to consider the school.

"We believe the person you become after you graduate is even more important than the person you were when you enrolled," it reads in reference to Bush, whose policies have made him one of the world´s most controversial figures.

"Go to a university that cares how well you do after you leave."

The campaign, which is also giving away a Smart Car lease and four portable PlayStation video games, is designed to grab the attention of youngsters in a market "where the majority of people don´t even know we exist," said Fred Gilbert, president of the 7,600-student university on the shores of Lake Superior.

It´s symptomatic of the increasingly competitive recruiting for new students being undertaken by Ontario universities and colleges.

Acknowledging that the campaign has already been panned by some older people as well as members of Lakehead´s staff and faculty, Gilbert said critics who think it´s "disparaging two institutions ? Yale and the President" ? are missing the point.

"The intent was to poke a little fun, and use someone who has polarized public opinion to the point that his image is instantly recognizable, to draw attention to the campaign," he said in an interview.

Officials with Yale did not return phone calls.

A White House spokesperson refused comment.

Barbara Hauser, acting president of the Council of Ontario Universities, said its 20 members are autonomous.

She added, any "decision to do advertising related to itself is its own business."

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There goes whatever was left of Lakehead´s reputation!
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If this campaign gets the attention of US media it might significantly boost the number of foreign students.
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Absolutely insane.

I get the feeling that the marketing director at Lakehead is a York graduate.


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wow, lakehead sure is stupid, they already had a terrible reputation to begin with, now they are doing this?! this will just make them even worst than they already are, i don´t think lakehead can afford that. they can´t possibly get any worst....well i guess i was wrong...lakehead accepts ppl with like 50 < average < 75
anything above 75 you are over-qualified, ppl with > 75 would probably not even consider this dump

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I´m no fan of Lakehead but I´d go there before some other schools. It´s not bad for engineering.
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Like what? Okay I would go to Lakehead over Nipissing, that´s probably it. Lakehead engineering is not really known at all. Lakehead is shit altogether. Why would anyone invest so much money for their kids to attend a shitty school? People who attend Lakehead obviously applied to other schools, but could not get in. Lakehead was obviously a last resort for many people; people with below 75 averages. Why would they make fun of such a respected school in the states? Lakehead can hardly afford to make fun of universities such as Windsor or Nipissing. Way to go Lakehead, you lost any respect I had left for you, and I´m sure I´m not the only that has said this.
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Here is a good fucking question for you people?



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Lakehead isn´t a good liberal arts school but it´s okay for sciences and applied stuff, or so I´ve heard. I´d expect a Lakehead grad to be a harder worker and of better character than a typical York grad. Maybe that´s because I live in Toronto and only met a few Lakehead grads who were good people, while most of the York grads I´ve met hardly got anything from their university except the degree.
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Lakehead should haved targeted U of T instead. If your a potential Yale student, no Canadian university is good enough for you.

All Ivy League schools are A MILLION times better than our Canadian schools.

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Better at what? Grade inflation?

Do you know that Ivy League schools in the US score only marginally better than average on standardized tests like the MCAT and LSAT? Despite graduating 60% of their students with A/A- averages. The Canadian average LSAT score, according to Stanford Law, is 157 (150 is average). Schools like Harvard and Yale had an average only a couple of points higher, and that´s the supposed elite of the US compared to the AVERAGE Canadian.

An Ivy League education means buying your way into privilege.

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The ad campaign is supposed to attract interest by making fun of Bush, not by enticing Yale students. Do you really need to have that pointed out to you?
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Whoops that 157 I quoted is wrong and I can´t find my info packet. Still, I remember Ivies were only a few points above the Canadian average and the American GPAs as a whole were hugely inflated compared to ours. Blame it on Vietnam.

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