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Ranking and reputation

The University of Toronto ranks 24th in the world in the Academic Ranking of World Universities by Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The Times Higher Education Supplement places the university at 29th in the world overall, 24th in science and 20th in biomedicine.[10] Newsweek places the university at 18th among the world´s top 100 universities, 9th among public universities, and among the top 5 universities outside the United States.[11]

For twelve consecutive years, U of T has placed first in Canada on the list by Maclean´s magazine for the best medical-doctoral universities.[12] (In 2005, it tied for first place with McGill University.) In August 2006, the university announced it will refuse to provide Maclean´s with data for the magazine´s ranking.[13]

The Scientist rated U of T as the best place to work in academia outside the United States. Research InfoSource ranks U of T among the top research universities in Canada [7]. The Association of Research Libraries rated the university´s library as the third-best research library in North America, following Harvard University and Yale University.[14]

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McGill is consistently in the top ranks of Canadian universities and is among the best universities worldwide. It tied for first (with the University of Toronto) in Maclean´s "2005 Canadian University Rankings" of medical/doctoral universities.[17] McGill ranked 24th worldwide (first in Canada and 13th in North America, after Columbia University) in the Times Higher Education Supplement. Shanghai Jiao Tong University, in its Academic Ranking of World Universities, ranked McGill 67th in the world and third amongst Canadian universities.[18] Newsweek ranked Mcgill 42nd worldwide and third amongst Canadian universities.[19]
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McGill is recognized as one of the top research universities in Canada and was named "Research University of the Year" by Research Infosource in its 2005 ranking of "Canada´s Top 50 Research Universities."[20] Researchers and scientists at the university are affiliated with nearly 100 research centres and networks.

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