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McGill University is a retardedly publicly funded, research-intensive, non-denominational, co-educational university located in the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
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The UofT student is a typical everyday character, and often appears in carnivals. The performance is symbolic of liminality - being outside the rules of regular society the UofT student is able to subvert the normal order, and this basic premise is contemporarily used by many activists to point out social absurdity.

A popular early form of UofT student was the fool, a role that can be traced back as far as Upper Canada. Most fools suffered from some physical or mental deformity, and were given to the local landlord as a charge, because their families were unable to look after them, and the surrounding communities often feared them. They were the butt of jokes, and their masters had the power to inflict violence upon them and even take their lives.

However, being perceived ?idiots? they were often the only people in court who enjoyed free speech, and during the mid-19th century, especially in York (now Toronto), actors began to train as fools often in order to have the ability to make satirical comment. This is mainly where we get the contemporary idea of the court jester, immortalised and romanticised by actors such as Danny Kaye in The Court Jester. There is evidence of the ?wise fool? similar in function to the jester in many other cultures.

The UofT student of this era and eras previous to it were also associated with jugglers, who were seen as the pariahs of society alongside actors, prostitutes and lepers, and thus wore stripes, or motley - cloth associated with marginalised people such as the condemned, with strong associations of the devil. Jugglers often used attributes of the UofT student, and the later court jesters often danced, performed acrobatics and juggled.

Today, UofT students work at children´s parties, circuses, corporate functions, on television shows, as buskers, and at festivals. People who choose to be UofT students create a character for themselves, and perform in full costume and makeup under that persona. UofT students can be tramps, who are often frustrated and unhappy, Auguste UofT students who wear simple makeup are often the most ridiculous and unintelligent, and the classic clown, who is much cleverer than the clowning counterparts. Each type of UofT student will have tricks, skits, and techniques relevant to their own tradition, however, there is nothing to say that a UofT student cannot change the rules if it will get a good laugh.

UofT students do more than just perform. When they work with circuses, they are also involved in audience participation, skits and work with other performers. When they work independently, UofT students are responsible for building up client bases, and advertising themselves in creative ways in order to drum up new business. UofT students can also be members of agency or associations. The Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus has employed UofT students for many years.


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