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McGill is ranked number one in the medical doctoral category of Maclean?? 2005 Canadian university rankings, sharing the top spot with the University of Toronto. Outstanding students and a reputation for the highest quality are among the primary strengths.

McGill is ranked the top Canadian school in the Times Higher Education Supplement ranking of the world?? best universities in 2005 and the only Canadian university in the top 25 in the world.

McGill is Research University of the Year 2005 in the medical doctoral category, named by Research InfoSource, Canada?? leading research and development consulting firm. McGill earned 97.3 points out of a possible 100 in its ranking system, the highest score in the country.

McGill students rule:

McGill students have the highest average entering grades of any Canadian university at 88.9 percent.

International students comprise about 19 percent of McGill?Ls student body, making it the most diverse in Canada.

For the last six years, McGill students have won more national prizes on average than their peers at any other university in Canada.

Graduate students make up 26 percent of McGill?Ls 32,700 students, the highest proportion among Canada?Ls top ten research universities.

In 2005, Canadian Interuniversity Sport named 142 McGill athletes as Academic All-Canadians, bringing the University?Ls total to a Canada-leading 1256.

Most funding per faculty member:

According to the most recent Research Infosource figures, full-time professors at McGill lead the country with the highest average research funding, an important indicator of the University?Ls research quality.

Best research output, most Canada research chairs:

On average, full-time professors at McGill publish more peer-reviewed articles than their colleagues at any other university in the country (Research Infosource).

There are 116 McGill faculty who are members of the prestigious Royal Society of Canada.

The Canada Research Chairs program, a federal government program designed to help universities recruit and retain the best faculty, has allotted 157 chairs to McGill, of which McGill has appointed 109. With one CRC for every nine professors, McGill ranks second in Canada in CRC/faculty ratio.

About 90% of students ranked in the top 10% of their high school graduating class. In 2004, the entering first-year class had an average high school grade of 89.3%, the highest in Canada. McGill has produced 126 Rhodes Scholars, more than any other Canadian university.

The most recent survey by the Association of University Technology Managers shows that McGill leads Canada?Ls top ten research universities in US patents issued.

Ernest Rutherford?Ls (McGill) groundbreaking work on the nature of radioactivity was conducted in what was then the Macdonald Physics Building. He won the Nobel Prize in 1908 for this research. McGill?Ls Rutherford Museum houses much of the apparatus the scientist built to conduct his experiments.

McGill is home to Canada?Ls first faculty of medicine, established in 1832.

Canada?Ls largest hospital-based research facility, located at the McGill University Health Centre, has more than 500 researchers and clinicians, nearly 1,000 graduate and postdoctoral students, and close to $100 million in research funding.

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what an insecure mckid... is education really that bad in mcgill?

i mean, look at you. do you see uoft kids running pages and pages of facts proving they are better than mcgill?

no man, it´s proven.

on the other hand, insecure dudes like you need to get your head outta the toilet and parties and accept the fact.

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That is becuase UofT cannot come with as many strong arguments. You´ve proven nothing and I have invited you on several occassions to do so.
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haha, blah blah, nobody needs to blow how good they are if they truly are.

go on, mckid


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