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Subject: WTF is Research Infosource?
Thomson Scientific is a one of the leading GLOBAL R&D corporations.

McGill isn´t even mentioned.

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University of Western Ontario and University of British Columbia also make strong showings

Philadelphia, PA USA-London UK - September 27, 2005 - Based on impact (or average citations per paper) and total citations, the University of Toronto is the ?top performer? in multiple fields among Canadian research universities. This is according to the September/October issue of Science Watch?the bi-monthly newsletter published by Thomson Scientific, a business of The Thomson Corporation.

The Science Watch study uses the Thomson Scientific University Science Indicators to examine the research of 46 Canadian universities in 21 scientific fields spanning 2000 to 2004.

Between 2000 and 2004, the University of Toronto produced the most work?25,883 papers published in journals indexed by Thomson Scientific. The University of British Columbia produced the second highest number of papers, 14,819; while McGill University published 13,996.

In total citations, the University of Toronto topped 15 fields: chemistry; materials science; engineering; space science; mathematics; ecology/environment; clinical medicine; immunology; biology and biochemistry; molecular biology/genetics; neurosciences; pharmacology; psychology/psychiatry; education; and economics and business. The University of British Columbia ranked first in four fields: physics; geosciences; plant and animal science; and microbiology.

When examining impact (or average citations per paper), the University of Toronto ranked first in the five fields: engineering, microbiology, biology & biochemistry, molecular biology/genetics and education. The University of Western Ontario topped the fields of immunology, pharmacology, and economics & business.

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McGill? What is that? A new branch of burger in Mcdonald?
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Too bad Thomson Scientific does not rank universities. We have had this discussion before dude. Ranking #1 in impact factor in some subjects does not mandate #1 overall. I am not going to go over this with you. How come Thomson does not publish this information?
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What´s McGill? It happens to be the only university people outside of canada care about. sucks to be a uoft student
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I have a web site for you Mr whos likes to cite Thompson:

Let us say univerisity A is ranked 1 1 1 4 3 3
and university B is ranked 2 2 2 2 2 2

Which one has the lowest average? Use the website above and calculate! Thompson and your logic is meaningless!


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