To All the Engineering Haters

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Subject: To All the Engineering Haters
Your all dumb. 95% of the garbage that engineers learn in university is not used in Industry. So why would we learn really theoretical math that has absolutley no application? There´s no point at all, I´d rather supplement my studies with practical experience so that I´m not shell-shocked when I enter the job force.

To those who question engineering´s diffuculty, A your wrong and B it all depends on the University like every other major in University. Macmaster Engineering probably isn´t ridiculusly difficult, but I´d love to see a math major, or any other major, take a sememster in Engineering Science at UofT and sit the exam. Even math student would be fucked over with the same garbage everyone else in the program is. Which includes problems that are never discussed in class or in the textbook and far surpass the level of difficulty taught in class. Yeah thats how sub 50s occur but its because. we´re not being babied by Math\ArtSci professors, instead we´re being tortured as a test of or intelleigence and persiverance.

Most ppl in EngSci and in the regular engineering had incredable marks in highschool math, I got 98 in calc and 97 in geo. All the kids I knew who got those kind of marks went into ENGINEERING. The kids with lower marks went into MATH, of course there were exceptions. MATH kids would be getting 20s in Engineering Science , dropping out and quitting life.

Life sucks as an engineering student but I console myself with the prospect of making a good salary as an Engineer in Training and even more as a full fledged Professional Engineer.

Further more, Math\ArtSci majors need PHDs and further education to be truly successful, which in turn also contributing to a greater amount of debt. Guess what? It sucks to be 60-80,0000 worth in debt. Even after graduation from those programs pressure is high and pay is low for the newly annointed. After grad I´ll be able to save upwards of 20,000 a year, of which I´ll put towards a nice house. Hell I´ll be able to save even more if I room with my cousin who is also doing engineering.

This thread goes out to all arts and science kids ignortantly thinking they are in some superior to engineering students. AKA The ENgineering Haters.

Oh yeah, hows my writing? If you ignore my spelling mistakes my illiteracy shows, huh?

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yeah yeah, blah blah.

As if theoretical maths has no application, you are just crazy.

obviously you are not familiar with operations research.

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I am neither an engineering student nor am I at UofT. Engineering is a profession I respect and UofT is a great school. I do however will retaliate when I read UofT > better than my school (I, THES, Research Inforsource, MacLean´s, and many others do not agree with you) and engineering > my major (all degrees should be respected equally). So relax and maybe cool it with your own comments.
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this is hiliarous.

engineers are the best people in the world! now who do they call boss?


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