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Subject: Engineers learn?
Maths they learn:

Math > Physics > Actural Science > Computer Science > Economics/Finance > Life Science > Engineering > Business General > Social Science > Humanities

Physics they learn:
Physics > Astronomy > Engineering > Life Science

Chemistry they learn:
Chemistry > Life Science > Engineering

Computer Science they learn:
Computer Science > Statistics > Engineering

Hands on skills they learn:
College Graduates > Engineering

So in fact, Engineering is a great degree because they learn everything a nerd and an employer would like, but how come they don´t have anything that they dominates?

Well, in fact, they have, look below.

Taking orders skills:
Engineering > Accountants > Rest

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Here is a more accurate description, notice how life sciences isnt in here? its because life science is a bird course and to be honest i dont find it worth putting down

Design: engineering>college

Math: Math>engineering>physics>actuary science>computer science>chemistry

Mechanics: Engineering>physics>chemistry

Chemistry: Chem eng>chemistry>engineering>physics

Hands on skills: College>Engineering

Computer science: Comp sci & software engineering>statistics>engineering>physics

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Management learn about money and sex. You should switch degrees.

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