Schulich Grad: " the school did nothing for me"

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Subject: Schulich Grad: " the school did nothing for me"
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I cannot stress enough that the school did nothing for me in terms of job placement. The career center is a waste of our school´s resources and should be completely reengineered. Although the support staff is kind, the people in charge there always seemed to me to be somewhat like used-car salesmen. They are an embarrassment to the school. I have never uttered an unkind word about anyone in the school until now but as you can see, they are on the top of my list.... Many improvements must be made to [strategy field study], a 2-semester long course for which we receive only one semester´s credit. Without any improvements, students for many years to come will be left with some ill will toward the school, the faculty, and perhaps even fellow students. I will not support the school until they assure me that changes have been made to both the career center and the strategy field study.... I hope though that you can see that Schulich is all about its students, primarily those eagerly involved in extra-curricular activities (namely the Graduate Business Council). I believe that we will make a great contribution to the business community in the years to come. Although many professors do merit sincere credit for the best efforts, the bad apples that tend to be remembered the most. Albeit, I´m proud to be a Schulich alumnus, even though there are severe problems that need to be remedied.


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