Can we take individual graduate courses???

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Subject: Can we take individual graduate courses???
Hi Friends,
I have completed my bachelor´s degree in C.S from india.I was just wondering can I take individual graduate courses from the universities(say UoToronto or YorkU) paying a per-course fee.I am talking about the courses whose grades would count and you can transfer your credits.Please help me guys if you know an answer to this.

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I´m not 100% sure how this works at University of Toronto since I do not attend it but I believe you need to enter the program full-time. Perhaps if you are persuing a course-based Masters degree, you can get away with being a part-time student but I´m quite sure any thesis-based program will not let you take a few graduate courses.

Check out if UT offers any part-time graduate studies. As well, in my program, the final year elective courses are actually all introductory grad courses so perhaps you can find equivalent classes that are offered to undergraduates.


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Thanks Anonymous,
I enquired about these courses at UoT,and they say I can enroll as a special student and take atmost 2 courses.I needed to get more information about "special student"..and i asked if i could talk to some education counsellor..but they said..they dont provide any such facility.Can some UoT or any other canadian univ. student tell me that if I join 2 courses as a special there any provision by which after completing these courses I can pursue my studies as a full-time or part-time graduate student.If you guys,can send me any link that too would be appreciated.


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