McGill Kills U of T - Globe & Mail Survey

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Subject: McGill Kills U of T - Globe & Mail Survey
McGill University compared with University of Toronto

Criteria McGill University??s Grade (Sort: A+ to D) University of Toronto??s Grade (Sort: A+ to D)

*** 1st grade is McGill´s, and the 2nd grade is U of T´s ***

Academic support/counselling C+ C+
Access to course/teaching materials online A- B+
Affordability of off-campus housing C+ D
Assistance with locating part-time jobs C- D

Attractiveness of campus A+ B

Availability of faculty outside classroom hours B B-

Availability of merit-based scholarships D D
Availability of needs-based scholarships C- C-
Availability of off-campus housing A- C+

Availability of on-campus recruitment by employers B- C

Availability of teaching assistants B+ B-

Availability of up-to-date computer equipment A- B+
Availability of up-to-date technology in classrooms B+ B-

Campus bookstore B B-

Career counselling/placement services C+ C+

Class sizes C+ C

Classrooms/lecture halls B B-

Co-op/internship opportunities C- C-
Computer accessibility on campus A- B+
Convenience of class scheduling B- C+

Degree to which university experience will prepare you for employment B+ B-

Diversity of extra-curricular activities B+ B
Ease of course registration process A- B-

Faculty members´ knowledge of subjects A+ A

Food Services C- C-

Health Services B- C+

Labs/research equipment B+ B

Level of interaction between faculty and students B- C-

Library A- A-
Library Services A- A-

Number of courses to choose from B+ B

On-campus employment opportunities C C-

On-campus network for Internet/email A B+
On-campus pubs/bars C- C-

On-line library resources A A-

Opportunities to acquire work-related knowledge/skills B- C

Opportunities to have fun on campus B+ C

Overall academic reputation of your university A+ A+

Overall availability of financial assistance C- C-

Overall course variety/availability B+ B

Overall educational experience A- B+

Overall on-campus buildings/facilities B+ B

Overall quality of career preparation B C+

Overall quality of off-campus environment A B-

Overall quality of student services B B

Overall quality/availability of technology on campus A- B+

Overall university atmosphere A- B-

Physical fitness; sports and rec facilities B+ B

Quality of academic advising C C+

Quality of teaching B+ B

Quality of teaching assistants B- C

Recreational/athletic programs/services B B

Reputation for conducting leading-edge research A+ A
Reputation for graduate studies A+ A
Reputation for undergraduate studies A+ A-
Reputation in your specific area of study A- A-
Reputation of professional schools A A

Reputation of university among employers A+ A

School spirit B- C-

Sense of community on-campus B- C
Sense of off-campus safety/security A- B-
Sense of personal safety/security A A-

Space in courses necessary to complete your degree B+ B-

Student Union/Community Centre B- C

Student residences B- B-

Tolerance for diverse opinions/ideas A B+

Usefulness of faculty feedback B- C+

** As you can see, McGill beats the University of Toronto in almost every category. McGill wins hands-down!

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Globe and Mail student survey is a joke.

It is a subjective survey.

(in reply to: McGill Kills U of T - Globe & Mail Survey)
There are problems with Internet surveys like this but subjectivity isn´t one of them.
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^ This is why you´re a York student. lol.

You probably don´t even understand what it means to be subjective.

Attractiveness of campus B?? wtf!? Did they poll UTM students? Anybody I know know who has been to UofT downtown has been in awe of how beatiful the campus is. Trust me, I´ve been to many different Universities around Ontario and Quebec, and UofT is easily the most attractive.

But who cares? It´s a globe and mail survey! UofT will continue to be Canada´s best University despite this unscientific money scam.

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If the G&M ranks UofT low, then it must be a scam. LOL
UofT kids sound like they got a bad case of sour grapes. What a bunch of cry babies. Face it. UofToronto is crap! G&M survey just confirms what has been known for quite some time. UofT is one of the worst places to go for a bachelor´s degree.


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