Top 10 Asian-friendly Campuses

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Subject: Top 10 Asian-friendly Campuses
We should have more Asians in the Canadian government to better reflect Canada?s diversity.

Most Canadian universities are seeking Asian students for their money and obviously for their brainpower.

Asian friendly campuses Top 10

1. UBC
2. Toronto
3. Simon Fraser
4. Waterloo
5. York
6. Concordia
7. Western
8. McGill
9. Alberta
10 Calgary

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they just want your money... asians pay like 3 times as much for schooling in canada. Asians are not smarter, in my first year of engineering, there was 120 kids in the class and it was flooded with about 1/3 asians. Now half the class is gone and almost all of the asians are among the failures.
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^Obviously your engineering school isn´t Asian-friendly. A real Asian-friendly school, like UBC has over 50% of its graduating class as Asians. Most are probably born here but many are foreign nationals.
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yes, u get chinese coming from hong kong, china, singapore, malaysia, taiwan...yes loads of them

as for asians u can also count those coming from india, pakistan to be more accurate


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