York = most AIDS (PART 3)

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Subject: York = most AIDS (PART 3)
York University students have the highest incidence of HIV/AIDS of any university in Canada.

You might think a Vancouver university or art college would have more AIDS, but it makes sense. Vancouver schools are mostly Asian, art schools are mostly female. Students at York per capita engage in higher-risk lifestyles (gay sex, club whoring) than their counterparts at other schools.

Clearly this is a public health crisis. Action is necessary to prevent the further spread of the virus within the York community. Please post your suggestions.

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My warnings about the HIV/AIDS epidemic raging right now on the York campus has generated some controversy. This criticism can be divided into two camps.

1) Those of you who don´t believe York has the highest HIV infection rate of any university in Toronto, Ontario, and Canada as a whole.

2) The York students who are aware of this crisis but believe I am drawing attention to it for malicious purposes.

To address these concerns I plan on contacting the AIDS Committee of Toronto. I will ask them to verify the scope of HIV infection at York and whether my activism is justified. ACT´s replies will be posted.

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Part 3??

You can still reply on Part 2!!

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