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I thought I´d promote a useful website for McMaster University students in first and second year.

Summary: is a website designed for students by students at McMaster. Our website currently has over 1000 members, and is built around our active discussion forums for the most common first and second year courses. These forums receive over 200 posts per day, and cover a wide range of topics, from difficult Physics CAPA and Chemistry Quiz discussion to random student gab. Other features include:

* Live Chat
* Private Messaging
* Customizable Profiles
* Personalized Photo Galleries
* Competitive Arcade
* Live News Updates via Shoutwire

Check it out!

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wanted to go to mcmaster but too far, it was my first pick before toronto. got into both but toronto is closer.
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i will be going to mac in september for engineering. can i sign up right now. what do i need to sign up at the website.
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a REAL engineer wouldn´t have to ask such stupid questions.


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mac central is a cool idea, but needs to expand outside of just sci/eng, what about commerce/kin/health sci/art sci and yes even soc sci/humanities?

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