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Waterloo and queens are good schools and they seem to have developed a sort of prestige lacking in other universities. The only problem is that when put to the test they do not preform superiour to other institutions. Do you guys honestly belive all this waterloo hype BS?

To me it seemed like waterloo said "ok we´re rich and prestigious, now we can sit back and take it easy"

While schools like Lakehead actually work and aspire to imoprove its programs.

Lakehead VS Waterloo = Rocky VS Apollo Creed

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stfu lakehead go eat shit. wait you are shit. your school of is full of rejects. look around you might find a fellow dumbass like yourself. 95% of lakehead students probably got rejected by other universities. nobody in their right mind would choose lakehead first. and for those 5% that chose lakehead first. wtf
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Maclean´s reputational survey"

1. Waterloo
2. UofT
3. McGill
4. UBC
5. Alberta
6. McMaster


24. York


43. Lakehead


This year, Maclean´s solicited the opinion of 11,620 individuals across the country. They included university officials at each ranked institution, high-school principals and guidance counsellors from every province and territory, the heads of a wide variety of national and regional organizations, plus CEOs and recruiters at corporations large and small. The reputational survey is both regional and national, dividing the country into four key areas: the western provinces, Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces. All respondents completed a national survey; university officials, principals and guidance counsellors also completed regional ones.

University Officials 40.3%
High-school Principals 6.2%
Guidance Counsellors 9.3%
CEOs 7.2%
Corporate Recruiters 7.9%
Heads of Organizations 10.4%

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wow... thats real fair considering lakehead has about about 1:20 the staff of a school like UofT
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I cant belive they actuallyu asked university officials, thats the most biased thing ive ever heard.

And my friends... that is just another reason why macleans is bullshit

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Lakehead VS Waterloo = Bob McKenzie (the fisherman) VS The 40 Year Old Virgin Guy
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"wow... thats real fair considering lakehead has about about 1:20 the staff of a school like UofT"

Another example of why lakehead students are dumb.

"I cant belive they actuallyu asked university officials, thats the most biased thing ive ever heard.

And my friends... that is just another reason why macleans is bullshit"

lol.. wouldn´t university officials be excellent people to ask??? I´m sure Macleans pays attention to how officials view OTHER Universities, not their own.

A Concordian's Opinion on Maclean's Reputation Survey (in reply to: Reputation ...)
The 16% allocation to the reputation survey is excessive and would skew the overall scores due to statistical bias. The survey?s response rate is very low, something like less than 15%. With such low response rate, I can?t see the results as anything but take it with a big grain of salt.

The biggest issue with surveys with low response rates is that those who choose to respond usually have stong opinions and are motivated to influence the results. Survey results with low response rates generally do not accurately represent the opinions of the population to which the surveys were originally sent.

These reputations get entrenched by Maclean?s over time and the low ranked schools have to allocate serious resources (big $$$) to boost their poor reputation by advertising and other means. The sad fact is, for every dollar Concordia has to spend on battling its reputation woes, it?s money taken away from their students? real educational needs. That?s unfair to the Concordia and it?s unfair to the students.

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lakehead student´s intelligence is next to a monkey´s

proven fact.

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First of all, an institutions reputation is what attracts top faculty, researchers, and students. So, much like every other ranking done with Universities, a school´s reputation should definitely be given some weight.

Secondly, if you would read the information correctly, 16% responded, which is not a small percentage. You should know that most people don´t like filling out long surveys.

Thirdly, 11,620 individuals is not a small sample. That figure is large enough to get a good indication of the general perception.

Lastly, you don´t improve a Universities reputation by advertising. You improve it by having strong programs, quality research, good alumni, etc. etc. Reputation is made by being productive, not these ads you see in newspapers for York, Trent, etc.

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you have to do things like beat waterloo in the OEC
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"Thirdly, 11,620 individuals is not a small sample."

That 11,620 figure, I believe corrresponds to the number of questionaires sent out. Not all these people solicited by Maclean´s responded. Most didn´t bother. The response rate for 2005 was about 11% according to their website. I guess that´s about 1,300 replies. Most replies appear to be from university officials.

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^ dude, you need to learn how to read and comprehend.

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