stop wasting your time lakehead

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Subject: stop wasting your time lakehead
it´s clear that waterloo is the superior university here. so end of story. lakehead go home or better yet go fishing, because you are so great at it. why don´t you offer a fishing program? you´ll be known for it.

semester 1:
introduction to fishing
fishing I
advanced fishing
introduction to fish
how to put on bait

semester 2:
fishing II
secrets of fishing
advanced fishing II
history of fishing
fishing strategies

stick to these courses, and you´ll be fine lakerheader

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Waterloo engineering,

semester 1:

Being a Nerd I
Intro to peeing your pants from hearing a load noise
Computer games I
Intro to never kissing a girl
Super advanced geek Studies

Semester II

Losing to Lakehead at Everything 101
Intro to taping your glasses
Basic english for immigrants
Intro to pokemon card trading
Prentending to be MIT I

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"being a nerd"
"super advanced geek study"

are you implying that UW students are smart? it seems that way.
dumb lakeheader doesn´t know anything. i don´t go here but these UW students are going to get all the chicks later in life while you lakehead students are on the streets smelling like crap and begging for money. hey no chick is interested in smelly poor lakehead alumni. for people thinking about universities. don´t let these lakehead losers brainwash you with mindless garbage that their school is great it´s not.

-UT 2010-


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