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Subject: its not where you go to school... 3
Telcos boy said:

"the proportion of jobs that reported average salaries of over $80K is only about 22%. The majority of engineers earn less, sometimes much less"

I would just love to know how you calculated that one hahahahah you libral arts students are so creative.

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don´t cry
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im not, but i think you might be
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I was waiting for someone to accuse one of the other posters of being me (telcoboy). I was going to reply yesterday but decided against getting involved.

This time I agree with the engineer fanbois. Like the poster above so presciently stated, I´m not one for anaylsing stats so I won´t say what engineers supposedly make. However, the Pengs working for Ma Bell all, to my knowledge, make at least $80k. That´s not a lot of money for living in Toronto so I doubt most Pengs make less than that.

Also, EEs aren´t suffering as much as compscis from the tech downturn. Many EEs did go into programming because it meant big bucks and meshes with certain personalities better. Those that did might´ve been affected by the bubble bursting but they are still in a better position than BAs who made the same career move.

Keep in mind the reason you engineer fanbois villified me was because of my observations about the lives and working conditions of the engineers I know, not their remuneration or employment stability. If I gave reasons why I didn´t want to be a plumber or locksmith, it wouldn´t be because I´m threatened by their yearly take-home.

For those of you studying engineering, why are you getting so hot and bothered? If you know for certain that the job pays well and is what you want to do, don´t feel threatened by someone claiming otherwise. At worst they are scaring away potential engineering students and increasing your future employment prospects. And if you are just in it for the money, and this talk actually has you concerned, GTFO! You will not be happy with life as an engineer!


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