York's ave entering grade = 81%, hold a fork??

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Subject: York's ave entering grade = 81%, hold a fork??
York´s ave entering grade = 81%

Why do you ppl say if you can hold a fork, you can go to York?? It is very easy to get 81% compares to Waterloo (84%) and UofT (85%)??

Waterloo´s ave entering grade was 84% only and why do you ppl considered it as the MIT of Canada??

As I know York is an Arts school, it is considered very good to have 81% in arts courses. But Waterloo is a science school, 84% is considered to be average.

I really dont understand it, can you tell me why?
I am not a yorkie or anything, pls do not troll my thread.

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you have it backwards... a monkey with down syndrom can get 80 in arts. But it takes a smart person to get 70 in science
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No, someone who shows up to class and doesn´t study can get a C in arts (or D if they are stupid/skip). If they study, they can get a B without much problem. At most universities you have to bust your ass to get an A.

In science courses you normally won´t pass without studying and have to work for your Ds, Cs and Bs. It is usually easier in science courses to get an A - you just need to get everything right. In an arts course, all your work has to be publication quality to get an A. Some schools don´t have the same rigorous standards and those schools are notable for their bad reputations.

You cannot be a retarded monkey and get As. If that is true at your school then your school sucks ass. Or you might still need to get your distribution credits... I see aspies like that all the time, complaining that the prof marks too hard for such an easy course; reading your books with a ruler so you know what page you´re on, phonetically mouthing the multi-syllable words just loud enough for the people around you to hear...


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