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Subject: CBC Montreal = Concordia Graduates
Concordia University continues to grow in enrolment and physical size. The university now has more than 33,000 students, a 33-per-cent increase over the past decade. Moreover, the university´s two campuses are being transformed by the biggest capital investment of its 31-year history.

In the west end, the 2-year-old Richard J. Renaud Complex has created a "green" home for the pure sciences. Currently, the 40-year-old Drummond Building is being completely overhauled for the Journalism and Communication Studies Department.

On the busy corner of Guy and Ste. Catherine Sts., the 17-storey Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex is set to become a new Montreal landmark. Over the next 20 years, the downtown Quartier Concordia will more than double in size, as the university gradually takes over the sprawling, park-like Grey Nuns?? property south of the Faubourg.

Concordia´s mandate of access, diversity and real-life application is stronger than ever. In addition, the university has developed research and creative excellence in visual and digital art, addiction research, genetics, computer science, liberal arts, mathematics, creative writing, aviation management and exercise science.

Year four of Montreal Matters, and Concordia University has been there from the start!

With its roots firmly planted in Montreal, Concordia has a long and proud history of reaching out to the community at large. We have often partnered with other institutions and organizations on exciting projects and Montreal Matters was a natural choice.

It has provided us with a new opportunity to share our enthusiasm about what makes Montreal special - a welcoming city which opens it doors to everyone. And that is Concordia - a university which opens its doors to the public and introduces them to its faculty and staff and, most importantly, its students.


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