Which is better at Mech eng? UW or UofT?pls help!!

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Subject: Which is better at Mech eng? UW or UofT?pls help!!
Hey guys, I got accepted to UW and UofT in the mech engineering program for sept 2005. However, I simply can´t find which to choose. On one hand I find that UW is good shit cause it has the co-op whereas UofT only offers PEY which I can´t qualify, since im not a canadian,on the other hand, it seems UofT is more internationally recognized(tell me if i´m wrong)and does tons of research. My fren is from UW and he says UW is waaayy better than UofT,except that its a town where theres nothing much to do. Personally, I would like to know what students from UW and UofT think. Oh yeah, and I heard,many mech engs in UW cant find work related to their field because they dont have the facilities and all. Tell me if I´m right,and here´s the chance for you UW students to prove me wrong. Advice would be of great help, Thanx!
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