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Subject: queens vs calgary for engineering HELP
hey ppl. i never got a response for my first enquiry so m gona try again lol. i have been accepted at both queens and calgary for engineering but i really dont know which one to go to. i believe both universities have a good engineering school but i want to know which one is better and more prestigiouse moreover since I am an International baccalaureate student, where would i find it easier to blend in!!!! please help me i have very little time and i need to tell my ib coordinator where my transcripts need to be sent.... THANKS
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I don´t know which school is better for studying Engineering but Queens certainly has a better undergrad reputation.
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Well I don´t think being an IB student would stop you from blending in anywhere you go, but if you were asking where you would find more students who were in the IB program, then definitely Queen´s. And don´t quote me on this, because I´m not sure, but I do believe that Queen´s has third-best engineering program in the country, following Waterloo and U of T. And no one can argue that it isn´t "prestigious".

Now I´m going to add personal bias: I go to Queen´s (though I´m in Commerce, not Engineering), but I have to tell you, the engineers here have the BEST time! Their Frosh week is out of this world, they have rituals/traditions that make you feel as if you´re a part of some old brotherhood, and they´re the biggest partiers on campus. When it comes time for the freshmen engineers to look for off-campus houseing for 2nd year, no one wants to rent to them, ´cause they throw the most ragin´ parties.

You´ll do well with an Engineering degree regardless of where you go, so I guess choose the university that feels right to you.


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