I need your opinions.

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Subject: I need your opinions.
I got an offer from three different universities.

1. U of T: Chemical Engineering
2. Ryerson: Aerospace Engineering
3. Carleton: Communications Engineering.

I have know what to choose. I want to go to Aerospace engineering but ryerson isn´t good university.
Which one is better?
I need your opinions about this.

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Are you asking us what you want to do in the future?? Chemcial engineering is totaly different from Aerosplace... maybe you should first decide what you want to study first before choosing an university!!!I´m currently attending UT and their ENG is not bad.
btw i believe Ryerson is better then Carleton, and can someone please tell me what is Communications Engineering???? you learn to talk to engineers hah?

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Communications engineering = telecommunicatios and networks...Internet, intranet, wireless, etc.

That type of stuff (I think).


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