2006 canadian engineering Competition

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Subject: 2006 canadian engineering Competition

Engineering Communication

1st prize: Graham Shrive (Lakehead University)

2nd prize: David Rancourt and Charles Vidal (Universit? de Sherbrooke)

3rd prize: Stephen Young (University of Waterloo)

Consulting Engineering

1st prize: Allison Hagerman, Allison Clavelle, Trevor Cleall, Jordan Van Besouw (University of Calgary)

2nd prize: Belinda Li, Jen Von Gradulewski, Lani McPherson, Marie Manchester (University of Northern British Columbia)

3rd prize: Denys Babineau, Jacqueline Cormier, Bernard Hach?, Marcel Richard (Universit? de Moncton)

Innovative Design

1st prize: Emilijian Mirceski (Ryerson University)

2nd prize: Annie Zhang, Phoenix Xu, Oliver Limcangco, Ivan Graovac (University of Toronto)

3rd prize: Eli Gibson, Kamil Kisiel, Derek Sahota (Simon Fraser University)

Extemporaneous Debate

1st prize: Daniel Schwartz-Narbonne and Richard Lizius (University of Toronto)

2nd prize: Paige Smith and James Crossman (University of Alberta)

3rd prize: Brett Reynolds and Scott Flemming (Dalhousie University)

Junior Team Design

1st prize: Hannah Sutherland, Daniel Palmer, Caleb Curtis, Gabriel Landry(University of Prince Edward Island)

2nd prize: Megan Trimper, Stacy Murray, Mitchell Whyte, Robert Greenop(Acadia University)

3rd prize: Julian Konomi, Kareem Amin, Junyan Boon, Paul Cuciuraneau(McGill University)

Senior Team Design

1st prize: Andrew Horne, Byron Shay, Anthony Dickson, Matthew Bligh(Dalhousie University)

2nd prize: Kristopher Lelliot, Nadine Ford, Kyle McMartin, Alex Smith-Windsor (Carleton University)

3rd prize: Ryan Blunt, John Paul Chow, Kinman Lam, Treva Markle(University of Victoria)

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