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Geez, I´ve been reading some bad things about Ryerson on here. I´m going to Ryerson next year to study interior design. I chose Ryerson because I´ve heard really great things about the program.

I´m kinda doubting myself now because of all the bad things I´ve heard. Do you get to experience campus life at Ryerson? I see some buildings are on the edge of busy streets...does this mean people passing by share the sidewalks, etc. with the university students?

Is security that bad? I´ve heard about the shootings, and it scares me.

Is the campus run down?

Please re-assure me, or give me your opinion on Ryerson. Thanks.

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Ryerson interior design looks like a nice program, Im sure you will like it there
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I wouldn´t pay attention to the juvenile rantings that seem to dominate this site! As the others on this thread say, if you feel good about the program, then go for it. Ryerson has various niche areas in which it excels (journalism, interior design etc) and if you enjoy big cities, what could be better than a downtown location? Ultimately, university is what you make of it. You don´t need to subscribe to a herd mentality, just folow your better judgement and be yourself. Enjoy your studies!
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Thanks for the comments.

Have Ryerson students even been victims of some of the crimes that have happened near the university do you know?

Also, how is Ryerson´s campus different from the "typical" university campus? And why does everyone say it´s exactly like high school? I want a university experience, and I´m a little worried that Ryerson isn´t the best for this.

Thanks again!

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Someone stole my chocolate bar once while I was sleeping in the library..=(

People loves to exaggerate, yes Ryerson is quite small compare to other universities but is much larger then most of the colleges here. Despite all that, as mention by previous poster ryerson is also growing fast with 6 new buildings on the way. And who care how about how big your campus is in general, you going spent most of your time in your own building anyway, Interior design building is actually one of the best I think. Just a little warning, getting in to the interior design program takes a lot of works,beside the norm acad, I think it also requires a portfolio, interviews, et.

As for the crimes, I didnt experience nor see any while I was there but I did heard a few thou. it happen in all universities is just people like to exaggerate on Ryerson and UT coz of their locations. If you really want to know the facts you should gather some actual fact/number about the crime rate in all universities and compare them. I wouldn’t be surprise if UT and Ryerson will be a bit higher since they are located in DT. Even thou, I didn’t spent much time at ryerson I still enjoy my experiences there.

Just get your azz up and VISIT DAMN UNIVERSITY.

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Thanks for the info. And yes, I *would* go visit Ryerson but I live in the martimes and it´s too costly for a plane ticket. :(

I don´t mind that Ryerson´s campus is small at all...acutally in some ways this is better. (I was just worried about the fact that the student body and downtown Torontonians (is that a word?) are all mixed together, where as at other universities the student body is very seperate from the public.

How long did you live at Ryerson? What res did you live in?

And also, is Ryerson and U of T the only 2 universities located in downtown Toronto? Thanks!

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I´ve gotten in to Ryerson as well. I think its a nice campus from what I´ve seen.

With all universities, there´s always going to be crime. Even in suburban universities in quiet towns, there´s always reports of crime. It just happens.

So it´s up to you to decide if you really like the program. Weigh out the pros and cons.


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